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Team Speak 3
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                                    WELCOME TO FIGHT KLUB

Race to 25! We need those abyss points so we can level the legion! 
So once you guys hit 25 group up and hit the abyss and quest together! 
Also everyone should have recruitment rights, do your best to recruit people 
close to you level the more people we have over 25 running the abyss the faster 
the legion will progress.

                              Event ! Event ! Event ! Event !
Event !
                                  Newly ascended Dueling contest.
I want to host a dueling event some time this week the rules of the event are as follows.
1. You must be lvl 11 (so roll a new char to 11 if you don't have one)
2. There must be at least 10 members in attendance for the event or it wont work!
3. If you lose a match you are out! no crying! This is fight club you lose you're out of the event no exceptions!!
4. The match's will be picked randomly so you could very well end up a chanter vs a gladiator ( i will be using the name pull from a hat system literally) so no crying if you know your class you have no excuses.. Aion did a good job at class balancing..

How it works :
10 players chosen at random for a 1 vs 1 dueling match.
Winners from the first round will stand to the right of the chosen dueling area,
and the losers will take a seat to the left ( Losers must remain for the duration of the event. After all this is a legion event, be a good sport and show your support for your brethren ).
Second round: 5 players remain, at this point 2 match's will be pulled from a hat leaving one player to sit this round out leaving him/her safe until the next round.
Third round: 2 more players out leaving 3 to be chosen at random again leaving one player out and safe until the final round.
Final round: the winner from the 3rd will fight the last player left leaving prizes for first and second place.

First place 1 mil Kinah and a noble crafted weapon for your class
Second place 250k Kinah and a noble crafted weapon for your class

                               We Need Healers and Tanks
For those of you that are officers in the guild please keep a look out for potential Healer and Tank
Recruits. I know most of us are low level right now but we will be doing instances soon enough and i would like to try to keep those runs as a legion only event. Brothers who run together prosper together!

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